Radical Healing Work,
For Radical Well-Being

From Theta Healing to the Akashic Records, I provide tools and perspectives to do the work of radical healing and collective liberation. 

Being stuck is an illusion. In those moments when we are feeling trapped, feeling small, feeling stuck, we have almost certainly forgotten our innate connection to the loving, creative potential of our souls. In an Akashic session, we transcend to a state of ecstatic consciousness, to remind you of your profound ability to create solutions, feel secure as a creator in this lifetime, and reimagine your current life as one of unconditional love and radical acceptance for you exactly as you are. 

All sessions are conducted via zoom and recorded for your convenience. 

Akashic Sessions


Our bodies are wondrous and complex reflections of our emotional states of being. When illness and conditions arise, the colonial medical model immediately insists that we have a pathology; we are broken. What if there is another way to conceive our bodies? Metaphysical Anatomy Technique sees our conditions as symptoms of deeper emotional root traumas. Where we have been taught to treat symptoms, MAT works on the root level of our physical conditions- the emotional states of being that are created when we experience traumatic events. While this technique is powerful for physical body wellness, it works on recurrent patterns or blockages in our social and emotional lives as well. 

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT)



Theta Healing

Beliefs can be both the smallest, most malleable things in our lives and simultaneously feel as immovable as mountains. They create the way we perceive our experiences in this lifetime. They can limit us from ever stepping near our lifelong desires, but if we work with them, shift them, heal them, they can create expansiveness and put us on the path toward soul-level resonance. Theta healing is a transformation modality that works on the belief level, addressing the latent and insidious beliefs on the cellular level, beliefs inherited from our ancestors, and beliefs that we have absorbed from our upbringing.