OnlySwans is a monthly gathering for mystics, seekers, wonderers, and you, swans, who are making your path in the duck world. Let’s create a private bubble where we can take off our social masks, be curious, be emotional, and learn together about becoming more ourselves.



What you get:
  • Monthly meet-ups with Leah
  • Akashic readings, spiritual practices not offered to the public, emergent conversations intersecting spirituality and our political climate, student driven topics
  • Guest experts
  • Recorded sessions to watch at your pace
  • A nurturing space for intellectual intimacy
  • Make other swan friends



Where does your money go?
  • 100% of subscriptions fund Living Systems + Akashic Mentorship students in financial need!
We want everyone who wants to participate in Crystals of Altamira offerings to be able to regardless of their ability to fund the tuition.
Your generous subscription is a redistribution of energy and money so that everyone can play.
Subscribe starting at $25/month!