"I never change, I simply become more myself."

- Joyce Carol Oates

A devotional year to become more yourself.



What happens when you commit to a practice? What happens when you become devotional? And what if that commitment is to your resonance?

This mentorship is an experimental journey that we will take toward creating a devotional practice. 

Akashic Mentorship 2024


“Devotion is a love or a loyalty, a commitment to something”

Embracing a Devotional Akashic Practice

This is the process of a journey and not simply the outcome of the commitment. Something happens, something is born, something becomes when we devote ourselves to a thing, without expectation of a return. When we make the agreement to love and be loyal to the Akasha, it reveals to us perspectives and wisdoms ungovernable by our modern day status quo cultures. We get to see who we are as beings of love, as eternal beings that cannot die. We get to see what lights us up and we get to experience our inherent goodness. With a firm footing in this perspective, we can make decisions, choose ontologies, and beliefs about the world that bring about a sensation of life that feels good.

What is the Mentorship?

Embark on a transformative year-long mentorship journey where we delve deep into the realm of devotional practice, guided by the principles of love, loyalty, and commitment. This isn't just about the destination; it's about embracing the richness of the journey itself. By dedicating ourselves without expectations, we unlock extraordinary perspectives and wisdom, stepping away from mainstream culture. Together, we'll explore our identities as eternal beings of love, uncovering what ignites our passions and recognizing our inherent goodness.


  • You would like this mentorship/akashic practice to take the place of therapy, medical treatment or mental health care with a licensed practitioner. *This mentorship is not therapy. It must never replace medical treatment, therapy, or any other advice or counsel you are receiving from your doctor or mental health practitioner.
  • You are looking for a certification course to become an Akashic reader for others.
  • A daily spiritual practice or a year-long commitment feels daunting and unlikely.
  • You’re ready for a spiritual practice that entails the impacts of colonialism has had on our well-being.
  • Whether you’re a new or advanced practitioner, you believe in your spirituality.
  • You're ready to engage in a deep personal transformation.

Are you ready for the Akashic Mentorship?

  • You don’t feel supported, resourced, or ready to face the traumatic experiences of your life.

The Akashic Mentorship Structure


Monthly thematic lecture to introduce new themes.


Monthly mandatory meetings to meet with your pod.



Monthly opportunity to bring your questions about the curriculum.


Self-schedule a monthly 1:1 meeting with Leah


In this mentorship, you will work with Leah Garza closely in the Akashic consciousness. This means that you will learn through her filter, a decolonial and relational filter. This mentorship is for you if you resonate with Leah’s work, and feel the call to work with her for a year.

Curriculum Overview

This course unfolds over the span of a year. What will we cover together? This curriculum overview will give you a picture of the modules and their contents. Please note, the modules are not mapped directly onto monthly themes. Some modules may span several months, and some are only a month-long.

Module 1- Getting to know myself from an Akashic perspective

Module 2- Love in the Akasha

  • What is the Akasha and its history
  • The values of the Akasha and this mentorship
  • Akashic Invocation for Personal Records Work 
  • Make a plan for a daily practice
  • Study Questions
  • What is love and loving Akashic consciousness
  • Taking on the observer perspective of our experience
  • The colonial roots of the trauma of perfectionism
  • Study Questions 

Module 3- Working with our unmet needs

Module 4- Creating a Personal Pathway

  • Theories of unmet needs from psychological and human development lenses
  • Compassion as a strategy for knowledge or personal growth
  • Dimensions of self
  • Understanding triggers and meeting unmet needs
  • Study Questions

  • Helen Vonderheide’s Blueprint for Personal Pathway
  • Explore and articulate the source of your consciousness
  • Spiritual Ancestry
  • Setting intentions with your Akashic pathway

Module 5- Discernment, Risk, Safety and Protection

Module 6- Resonance and Desire

  • Beginning your relationship with Resonance
  • What is agency and how do you engage it?
  • Your history with safety and risk
  • Using resonance to mitigate risk on your resonant path
  • Study questions

  • Resonance in physics + how that impacts the metaphysical
  • Learning what resonance feels like in your body
  • Akashic perspective on Desire
  • Study questions

Module 7- Manifesting your desires

  • Agential manifesting
  • 8 steps of manifesting (simpler than it is)
  • Manifesting is trauma work
  • Study questions

Module 8- The Sensuous World

  • Attempting desires and outcomes
  • Sensuousness as a relationship with the world
  • The risk of being sensuous
  • The joy of being sensuous
  • Study questions


The goal of this course is to charge $225 per person per month. At this rate I am able to offset the administrative costs incurred behind the scenes, pay the two people employed by CoA, subsidize scholarship funds for students that need assistance, and pay myself a living wage for Los Angeles, where I live.

For this second cohort, there is a max enrollment of 40 students and 4 pricing tiers- $125, $175, $225, and $275. There are 10 slots each at each tier. 

 Tuition for Entire Course- $1500

tier #1

 Tuition for Entire Course- $2100

tier #2

 Tuition for Entire Course - $2700

Tuition for Entire Course- $3300

tier #3

tier #4


2024-2025 Calendar


all classes are HELD FROM 6-8PM pacific standard time

All classes will be in Pacific Time (PST).

What time zone are the live classes?

Students will get to participate in small groups, called pods, where they can build more intimate relationships with each other. Pods are optional, but participation is highly encouraged and very rewarding.

Financial aid will be available once registration is close to closing. If you are in need of financial assistance, please be patient, as you may have to wait until just before the course begins to get notification on receiving it. We want to work with you, so hang in there!

Do you provide financial aid?

You can choose your level of engagement, but we recommend spending as much time as you need to understand the curriculum (2-4 hours a week). 

How much time can I expect to spend on this course?

All classes will be recorded and available online to watch at your own pace.

What if I can’t attend the live classes?

Are you in a position to donate more to subsidize others? If you would like to make a subsidy contribution, please email me at leah@crystalsofaltamira.com. 

Can I donate?

How will I get to know my fellow cohorts?

Yes, if you’d like to pay for the entire year up front, please email help@crystalsofaltamira.com

Can I pay in Full?

Tuition will be paid via subscription. You will be charged monthly at the tier you sign up for. 

How do I pay?