The Akashic Study Hall is a monthly drop in space for current Akashic practitioners to do self-exploration with the Akasha. Each study hall has a central theme, and a series of questions based on the theme for self study. 

This space is designed to help practitioners deepen their personal relationships with their practice while meeting in community with other practitioners. 

This event is hosted by the very talented Akashic Mentorship Students, with all proceeds collected going to the facilitator.

Monthly, date will vary
$5-$15 sliding scale



One-on-One mentoring

Monthly group and small pod meetings

Workbook with monthly guiding themes

Support in creating a daily Akashic practice

Who do you think you are? What happens when we let our identities dissolve? What do we find underneath? In this yearlong journey, we learn how to commit to a devotional Akashic praxis to discover what else is possible for us when we understand our inherent agency at the soul level. In this mentorship, we will make the space to create a habitual, comforting, and supportive relationship with the Akashic records (or beyond!). Let’s explore together what becomes possible for you when you know, beyond a doubt, that there is limitless love and compassion for you, no matter what you do here on Earth. How do your options, decisions, opportunities, and experience living in your human body shift toward creativity and agency when you feel know you truly belong here as you are?

Akashic Mentorship

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What emerges when we explode our one universe and allow multiple universes in? Who and what are you in the pluriverse? Who and what are you outside the colonial nightmare? Who would you be if you did not have to labor to survive? Who would you be if your reality was not constructed around aloneness but around the knowing that you are a vital part of the ecology of life? Living Systems is a year-long voyage into the outer realms, an exploration in what lies outside of the isolation of the colonial reality. This curriculum will map knowledges from multiple domains including decolonial theory, emergence, the Akasha, metaphysics, indigenous psychologies, borderland theory, third space and decolonial feminisms, and posthumanism. We will dive into the work of theorists, metaphysical practice, current resistance movements, all while engaging in praxis, in and between meetings, on our own, and in relationship with each other. 

2024 Cohort

Cutting edge theory made accessible and relevant
Live classes with lifetime access to course materials
Weekly meeting opportunities with lectures, guest teachers, + office hours
This curriculum can change your life


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