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Hi, I'm Leah.

Leah Garza is a veteran teacher and education organizer. She has spent nearly two decades in social justice movement spaces, working toward equitable change in public education. She earned her masters degrees in education and depth psychology and is currently working on a Phd in community, liberation, indigenous, and eco psychologies.


Living Systems is a year-long voyage into the outer realms, an exploration in what lies outside of the isolation of the colonial reality. 

Living Systems 2024



Book a service to work with me one-on-one and get a focused, customized strategy-based healing session. Access your Akashic records, work on limiting beliefs or emotional root traumas to move into the life you were born for, rich in love, compassion, and creativity. 



Classes allow you to dive deeper into decoloniality and healing work, giving you the tools and perspective needed to shift your reality.



"My reading with Leah brought me to tears. It was a great opportunity to ask questions I didn't know I needed to or wanted answers to. She was kind, warm, professional, and a true listener. She allowed me space to absorb what was relayed to me and time to ask follow up questions. I felt very comfortable sharing with Leah as she provided a judgement-free circle."
Trang, Oakland

"I wanted to understand my purpose here on earth. Leah is God-sent! She was able to help me understand myself and get a clear vision of my journey in this life. She helped me to enjoy life and feel good about it. Knowing I can achieve what I want and need without fear and help me to connect with my higher self."
Trevior, NYC


"Leah has given me many readings. Her accuracy is impeccable. Even if it doesn't make sense to me at the time I can later look back at my notes and see that what she said came to fruition. She is amazing at receiving messages and then relaying them kindly. I come to her when I need advice, clarity, when I need to make big life decisions, health, and career questions and so much more. Leah is great to work with and I look forward to more readings with her."
Hanah, San Diego


Are you looking for more information on decoloniality, ontology, depth psychology or emerging theories? This database of articles and texts is a treasure trove of academic resources to flesh out your decolonial education. 
*These texts are highly academic and in English only, which may not be accessible to all. 

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