We Are Power Crystals is the cute, critical, and metaphysical union of Leah Garza, Jaison Perez, and Katie Robinson. These three decolonial depth psychology PhD candidates tear apart limiting beliefs, share their most intimate ideas on theory, spirituality and celebrity gossip, all in the name of disrupting the colonial status quo.

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"If it is Imminent then it is Beautiful" with Bayo Akomolafe

Dana Balicki is a Treasure Trove of Stories

Diana Rose and Tending Toward Your Vitality

Angela Mary Magick shows us that Everything is a Spell

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Are you looking for more information on decoloniality, ontology, depth psychology or emerging theories? This database of articles and texts is a treasure trove of academic resources to flesh out your decolonial education. 

*These texts are highly academic and in English only, which may not be accessible to all. 

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